Of Love and Extraction

I consider myself brave but when comes to dental extraction  – I am exactly the opposite! But I had no choice, I had to go to the dentist for the procedure. Impacted tooth. I never heard of such condition when I was younger.I had extractions before and they were simple procedures. In fact, there were incidents that the teeth would just come out! No sweat! And definitely, no fears!

This time though, it was different. The dentist was a good friend, which is a good thing. She patiently explained the procedures to me months ago. I had been postponing it for obvious reasons. But it was inevitable. The procedure had to be done immediately.

Few days before, I already shared my fears to her. She said I should not worry since she was going to do it as gently and quickly as possible.

Finally, the date was set. When I entered her clinic, I was already prepared. I was quite calm. Everything was set too.  She and her assistant were in their suits with dental tools in placed. My heart was beating faster when the dentist used the driller. However, the procedure went smoothly and as promised, gently and quickly.  She showed me the tooth. It was cut into two. It was huge – molar tooth, at that. Whew!

I believe it was because of the friendship that I have with the dentist that made me go for it. There was trust and compassion between us. She understood what I felt. What I was really going through.

I also believe that it was because of my love that I need to be there. In spite and despite of my fears of being in a dental clinic, seeing the dentist and her tools – I had to put up a brave front.

Finally, it was over. The first tooth.

So, I turned to him and asked, “How are you, son?”

He looked at me and nodded. He was fine. He was brave and his dental extraction was successful. I think, his next dental extraction, I do not have to chaperon him anymore. I love my one and only son. But  the next tooth – the next appointment. That’s another story.